Our academy, known in Dutch as the “Hogere Zeevaartschool” (HZS), offers Bachelor and Master programmes in Nautical Sciences, and Bachelor programmes in Marine Engineering. The Antwerp Maritime Academy (Dutch: Hogere Zeevaartschool Antwerpen; French: École supérieure de navigation d'Anvers) is a university college in Belgium, located in the north of Antwerp.The academy trains future officers of the Merchant Navy and Belgian Navy. Contents 1. Jeroen Van Overloop, Directorate … We empathise with our Alumni and their shipmates isolated on board and would like to remind them that they are not forgotten! List of Tables 3. The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only Vocational university in Belgium allowed to teach in both Vernaculars, being Dutch and … 1.1 Power Distribution The function of a ship’s electrical distribution system is to safely convey elec-trical power to every item of equipment connected to it. About Antwerp Maritime Academy. Antwerp Maritime Academy. Ranks 6th among universities in Antwerp. In the north of Antwerp, beyond the Port House, there is a college. Chapter 1 Electrical Distribution. The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only college in Belgium offering training in … 309 were here. Antwerp Maritime Academy Navale Engineering Marine Electrical Knowledge Author: Willem Maes February 19, 2013. Therefore educational innovation and continious training of the academic staff are priorities. There are two departments: Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering Education at the Academy aims at two careers: one at sea as a merchant marine … For this reason we are organising a webinar on Monday the 4th of May at 19h00 CEST. List of Figures 2. HOGERE ZEEVAARTSCHOOL – ECOLE SUPERIEURE DE NAVIGATION Courses are at the Academy are taught in Dutch and in French. It is a monumental building and another plus: you have a beautiful view of the city skyline … In this place officers are trained in the smallest college in Flanders. Our academy is located in Antwerp, only 50 km from Brussels. The Antwerp Maritime Academy Alumni Community acknowledges the exceptional conditions seafarers are facing during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only college in Belgium offering training in Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering. Antwerp Maritime Academy is in the top 47% of universities in the world, ranking 40th in the Belgium and 7927th globally. It is not well known, but it is certainly worth the effort to pass by. University. The Antwerp Maritime Academy wants all students to become critical and independent thinking people who are armed to find their own way in society.