In fact, film critic Walter Chaw dug up this account on John Landis from Eddie Murphy in a Playboy interview many years ago, which essentially illustrates that not only was Landis not remorseful, he was hostile toward Eddie Murphy for not testifying in his defense during The Twilight Zone trial. In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of his upcoming interview on Today, Murphy sat down with Al Roker to… Eddie Murphy is opening up about his semi-retirement. But remember, I didn’t write the movie with Eddie Murphy in mind; it was Brian’s idea to give the role to Eddie. He asked if I would be interested in Eddie Murphy, and I was, of course.

Eddie Murphy sat back and took a break when he became burned out on the Hollywood process. skip to content.

This weekend Eddie Murphy is coming back to his roots by hosting Saturday Night Live, the show that launched his career. And maybe some new actors or comedians are like, “Hey, why isn’t Eddie Murphy entertaining me 100 percent of the time?” It’s because you’ve seen his finished product. SEND US A TIP!