Over the last few years I have adopted a hybrid putting stroke that is someone like Matt Kuchar’s.

By Tyrus York. I started working with Matt Kuchar in 2006. Back then he was a Nationwide Tour player and he came to see me on the recommendations of another student, Matt Weibring. The elevation of the hands in Tiger Woods' backswing allows him to move his body a little bit slower through impact and not put as much strain on it, while still generating more clubhead speed. In this first video Matt shows his basic technique. I grip all the way down on my cork grip and let the grip touch the inside of my left wrist.

Driver: Bridgestone Tour B JGR, (9.5˚), Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec 6S. Note that the grip only extends halfway up his lead forearm and that otherwise his grip … What you can learn from Kuchar's unique putting grip. The two of them had played college golf together and Kuchar liked to swing shape and ball flight he saw in Weibring. June 3, 2013 at 9:00 AM. Bettinardi’s Kuchar Model 1 putter was designed by … you guessed it, Bob Bettinardi and Matt Kuchar. According to Sam Bettinardi, vice president of sales and marketing at Bettinardi Golf, Kuchar started working with prototypes of the putter at the 2012 BMW Championship in September.
Getty Images Matt Kuchar uses one of the more unique putting strokes on the PGA Tour. The official Facebook Page of Matthew Kuchar, American professional golfer.

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It features a long grip that he locks parallel to his left forearm for a more stable putting stroke – known as the ArmLock.The pair have worked together since 2011 and Bettinardi is the only equipment manufacturer to offer an ArmLock model to golfers. He uses the same ball as DeChambeau which is the Bridgestone Tour B X. Matt Kuchar WITB 2020. Kuchar designed his 40.5” DASS KM-1 putter with F.I.T Face Technology together with master craftsman Bob Bettinardi. In Matt Kuchar's swing, he rotates his body very quickly through impact, and he's putting a lot of stress on his body to generate that clubhead speed.

By doing this, it makes 100% certain my wrists do not break anywhere in the putting stroke. Kuchar has his own bespoke model of Bettinardi putter which he uses along with his customary arm-lock grip. 3-wood: TaylorMade M6, (13.5˚), Fujikura Speeder Evolution 757 X Matt Kuchar's Armlock Putting Style ... Matt's been putting this way since around 2011, so the first video is from 2013 and the second from a mere four months ago.