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someone who talks too much about things that are not very interesting. This subtle form of conversational narcissism occurs when you share something, and the conversational narcissist withholds their supporting responses until the conversation fizzle’s out. People that interrupt you all time have their own problems, but that doesn’t mean you need to point them out. chatterbox noun. chatterbox ( this incorporates your two essential criteria: incessant talk + talking boring trivia) 'windbag' is less relevant :a person who talks … Now that we have why people who talk too much do, let’s look at different approaches to dealing with the overbearing chatterbox. Yapper: A person who yaps and yaps and yaps all day. But people who talk too much don’t seem to get this balance. windbag noun. Your yapper can also be another way to say … Stephen King. Make clear to her that your family is a priority during the evening -- ask her not to call during the dinner hour or until after the kids are in bed. If you have a chatty friend, you may notice yourself making statements like "Yea, but what I was trying to say earlier was…" quite often. Interrupting, another act that is associated with talkaholics, can signal to other people a lack of respect. I suppose such a person might be called a pleonast. talker noun. Garrulous.

Pleonast: One who is addicted to pleonasm, or redundancy in speech or writing. You don't ever want to be the person whose voice is the only thing people remember after a meeting because you talked so much. The following words may be used to denote a person who talks too much — Talkative. Wiki User 2010-11-11 20:26:16. Cheers. A person who talks with himself can be called many words: Introspective; Schiziophrenic; Crazy; Explorer; Intellectual; Genius; People who usually talk to themselves, are considered somewhat weird and awkward by the general public.
someone who enjoys talking about other people. Re: one who talks way too much? Sitting next to a loquacious person at a dinner party can make dinner a real drag. An ultimate sign is a very simple one—the other person may say something as simple as "you talk too much" and move away. So a loquacious person is a person who talks a lot, and often too much. Yap is a verb used to say that the person talks a lot and typically at a very fast pace. Compulsive talking can drive people away, which in turn can leave that person with no social support.

Of course, if you've got nothing to say, a loquacious person might make a good dinner companion, because they'll do … As far as a phobia, goes, I don't think there is one unless one can say talking too much is a phobia, which I don't think it is.

All of these provide some good indicators of whether you're boring or frustrating people by talking too much. When a person talks too much they are overwhelmed by the exuberance of their own verbosity. informal someone who talks a lot or who talks in a particular way. How to deal with people who talk too much. someone who talks for a long time in a boring, annoying, or confusing way. 11 Ways to Describe People Who Talk Too Much Chatty – Chatterbox: These expressions are derived from the verb to chat, which means to converse. A person who talks too much about himself one word substitution Ask for details ; Follow Report by Shubbu4683 20.06.2019 Log in to add a comment How to Be Friends With Someone Who Talks Too Much. Dear person who has been talking for six-and-a-half minutes without taking a breath,. gossip noun. I try to understand why a person needs to talk too much, But even after I realize they are extremely anxious and they can’t help it, I might feel like not dealing with them anymore anyway. Asked in …
Loquacious. Person B – “Uh-huh, I thought that a golden retriever would be … blah blah blah”.

rambler noun. It's not that you guys don't get along. Be unique. I talk to myself often, and so I am called all of the above. If someone is very chatty it means they enjoy having conversations a lot and they tend to drag on (unnecessarily extend) the conversation.

If signs like these are consistent factors in your conversations, you're talking too much. When your friend goes on too long, try changing the subject of your conversation so you can get a … Attacking them verbally in retaliation isn’t helpful to the current problem or your friendship as a whole. From Wiktionary.