Martin is one of the funniest comedians in South Africa and has an incredible resume, he just feels like he's reached a ceiling in SA stand-up that he's tired of trying to breakthrough. The movie, which is based on the book Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory by Mickey Rapkin, revitalized the a capella genre in America.

Pitch Perfect was an unexpected box office success when it came out in 2012. Related: Back To The Future 2 Completely Reshot The Ending of The First Movie That honor instead goes to Eric Stoltz, an actor now best known for his Golden Globe-nominated work in Mask as well as his prolific career as a TV director. In cinemas this week: King of Thieves has a perfect cast for the (almost) perfect crime.

Almost Perfect: Love Actually . Personally, I get it. Therefore she has chosen to become pregnant with an anonymous sperm donor who has been carefully chosen. Almost Perfect: Love Actually Movie Poster. Neal Luder (34 episodes, 1995-1997) Kevin Kilner.

From the back cover: Oscar winner Keith Carradine ("Nashville," "The Duelists") stars in this sparkling romantic comedy about two unlikely lovers who find each other amid the glitz, glamour and frenzy of the Cannes Film Festival. Rob Paley (34 episodes, 1995-1997) David Clennon.

Anne has given up trying to find a man who will fit into her sensible and controlled life.

But as her hormones get the better of her she realizes that the child may come to resemble the father and possibly get his less flattering characteristics. Though Stoltz was the first person cast in the Marty McFly role, he wasn't the very first pick for the character. Kim Cooper (34 episodes, 1995-1997) Chip Zien.

Gary Karp (34 episodes, 1995-1997) Matt Letscher. Martin Evans is a comedian who has grown tired of the grind of the stand-up circuit so he's bought a boat and is looking to sail away the second he gets the chance. The adult Losers Club in IT Chapter 2 is almost fully cast right now, and it really is mind-blowing how much the adult actors resembles the child stars that formed the Losers Club in the first movie.

Full Cast & Crew: Almost Perfect (1995–1996) Series Cast (121) Nancy Travis. The sequel then built on the accomplishments of the original and widened its a capella horizons. by Craig Campbell.