Retake my test for different outcome! Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. If you get them wrong, we might have a "Problem." FOR GIRLS ONLY! Are you Selena, Taylor, or Ariana? Who knows? I made it about Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande! You should try making a quiz. by leeseemi.

Get ready to "Speak Now" and tell us whether these are Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande lyrics. Please comment below! Other.

Now you do! Blue. Other.

We don't want any "Bad Blood." Blonde. Red. Dangerous Woman. On Dec 2, 2016. Do you need to calm down, or do you just need 7 rings?

See how many of these lyrics you're able to identify, then pass this quiz along to your music-loving friends. Can you guess whether the song is performed by Taylor Swift (S) or by Ariana Grande (G)?



Just kidding, fam, it's all in good fun! What is your hair colour?

Brown . Red. Are you more of a "Dangerous Woman" like Ari or a "Lover" like Tay?

Created by TikiBree . 1 Comment. Hope you …

Shake It Off. Have fun!

Calvin Harris.

Harry Styles . Bad Blood. Who is your dream man. This Quiz Will Reveal If You're More Like Ariana Grande Or Taylor Swift. What is your favorite song out of the following?

Enjoy while you can.

Avan Jojia. Are You Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or Ariana Grande. I did this quiz because I was kinda bored.

I love making quizzes too! Into You. Are you like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift? Everyone Is Either Similar To Taylor Swift Or Ariana Grande — Which Are You? Grey.

What is your favorite color?