here is another look at the dress Beyonce wore for music video for “best thing I never had”. Chanel After Coco Music Style Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had.

A pre-loved wedding gown website claims to be selling the stunning $85,000 couture dress worn by Beyonce in the memorable video clip for her hit single, Best Thing I Never Had. Bey season continues as Mrs. Knowles-Carter just dropped her second video from her #1 album, 4.

It’s one thing to wear your grandmother’s wedding dress, but to really upstage your friends (especially if they are Sasha Fierce fans), check this out:.

Beyonce's 'Best Thing I Never Had' Wedding Dress Goes Up For Sale 21 January 2013, 13:25 | Updated: 21 January 2013, 13:32 The 'Crazy In Love' singer's special outfit she wore in … The second track off her new album, "4," which premiered at number one on the Billboard Charts, the song is a ballad of love and revenge, with her lingerie moments matched to vindictive lines, and later, her wedding (not to Jay-Z, mind you) touching on the positive outcome of her heart break. In the visuals for her official second single, Best Thing I Never Had, Beyonce is donning uber sexy bridal lingerie and a gorgeous wedding dress. If you have $30,000.

The listing’s wording is ambiguous, so it doesn’t make… Read more › According to People, the gown is on for a whopping $30,000. Not to mention this is about as close as we're going to get to seeing Beyonce's real-life wedding. The website, which sells haute couture wedding gowns at discount prices, has listed the $85,000 Baccari strapless gown that the star wears in her “Best Thing I Never Had” video.

The details of the item indicate the original dress cost $85,000.

Today, the stunning Baracci wedding gown she wore in her “Best Thing I Never Had” video is up for sale. Granted, this isn’t the actual dress she used in her wedding, but it is stunning nonetheless and was featured in the singer’s “Best thing I never had” video. With wedding footage and photos sent in from her fans own ceremonies, check out the touching clip! (Courtesy of Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses)In the video for Beyonce's single "Best Thing I Never Had," the pop star runs around a golf course in a giant cupcake of a wedding gown — and now you can too! Although there are many rumors to its origin, this dress is actually a Baracci original. Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” video followed her own (fictional) wedding day, but just a few weeks after it’s release in July, she asked her …

Gossip site Entertainment Weekly confirmed it was indeed Beyonce’s dress after contacting the …