Birds of Passage may refer to: Migrating bird species in their regular seasonal journey. Birds of Passage. Birds of Passage Immigrants who would enter America during the 19th century that would work until they made enough money to return home and purchase a piece of land. Birds of Passage They are people who came to America because they were unable to make a living in their native countries. Known as "birds of passage," many of these eastern and southern European migrants were peasants who had lost their property as a result of the commercialization of agriculture. Hi, my name is Rose and welcome to Birds of Passage! “Birds of Passage” follows the tragic unfolding of events surrounding Rapayet (José Acosta), an ambitious member of the Wayúu tribe in Northern Colombia who becomes ensnared in … birds of passage The term was used in the United States as early as the 1840s to refer to British immigrants and remained in use through the late twentieth century to refer to Asian, European, and Latin American immigrants. They worked and saved, and returned home.
See Bird migration. Whether you are a solo-traveller looking for enriching stories behind the places you don’t want to take for granted, or a geeky adventurer looking for escapism in reality: Birds of Passage takes you on a flight to enchanting myths and histories in all sorts of places, all over the world. They came to America to earn enough money to allow them to return home and purchase a piece of land. During the marijuana bonanza, a violent decade that saw the origins of drug trafficking in Colombia, Rapayet and his indigenous family get involved in a war to control the business that ends up destroying their lives and their culture. Birds of Passage. Jump to navigation Jump to search. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Birds of Passage (band), a musical project of New Zealand poet and singer-songwriter Alicia Merz.