Blackout and stuff after 2 drinks. "The fragmentary blackout is basically partial memory loss after a drinking episode. For people with a higher tolerance to alcohol, a BAC of 0.2 or greater leads to a blackout. You can remember bits and pieces of things, once you are given clues," Wetherill said.

2 She was feeling good, but suddenly she started talking about seeing "love insects" and was really dizzy. Blackout and stuff after 2 drinks. However, it is highly unlikely you will suffer an alcoholic blackout, if you drink within safe limits. Close • Posted by 6 minutes ago. Studies seem to agree that heavy drinking alone doesn’t cause blackouts. For those who want to drink alcohol, the best way to lower the risks of blackouts is to drink slowly over a period of time. Abstinence from alcohol is the only certain way to avoid alcoholic blackouts. I drink about two times a week, sometimes three. A person has to drink a lot in a short period of time. Blackout drinkers tend to be the ones who hold their alcohol. Avoid “binge drinking.” Bingeing is defined as having 5 or more drinks in 2 hours for men and 4 or more drinks in 2 hours for women.

This is extremely dangerous since life-threatening alcohol poisoning begins at a BAC of 0.3. Allow your body to process the alcohol and avoid binge drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach increases the risk of blackout. Drink slowly. Drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages to limit the amount and rate of alcohol consumption. I’m 5ft 2in, yet I matched a 6ft 3in boyfriend drink for drink. However, people who blackout frequently from drinking too much are also likely to have a higher tolerance to alcohol, so their BAC will often be higher than 0.15 when they experience a blackout. So, 2 hours ago my partner came back home, after going out for a few drinks with some friends. I am 18 years old, 187cm tall and weigh 80kg. I have been drinking since i was 14, and have build up quite a big tolerance to alcohol.

Thus, the main cause of a blackout is a rapid rise in blood alcohol, which can be propelled by drinking on an empty stomach or while dehydrated.