Hurley's wife… “I believe in what we do on the floor, day to day, to help provide an environment that helps players get better on the court,” he said. Now, it can never be quite the same.

The next moment, he was face down in a roadside ditch, ambulance sirens ringing in his ears, flashing lights all around him.
Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley has questioned athletic director Ray Anderson's actions handling harassment claims against a booster in December. Her real full birth name is Leslie Palceski. Bobby Hurley and his wife had to cut short first husband-wife vacation in 8 years to come back for ASU job. Bobby Hurley’s wife was born in the year of 1971 in the United States of America to her dad and mom. One moment, he was a hotshot NBA rookie, the centerpiece in the reconstruction of the Sacramento Kings.

Bobby Hurley believes that his system, combined with some of the Sun Devils’ recruiting advantages, could be a potent package. Dan Hurley grew up around basketball, but now the Rhode Island men’s hoop coach is hoping to make a name for himself. Arizona State banned an athletic booster who harassed three women married to members of the school’s athletic department, including men’s basketball coach and N.J. native Bobby Hurley.

Leslie Hurley ages 48 years old, as in 2020. In Aruba about 30 hours.
— Doug Haller (@DougHaller) April 10, 2015 In an instant - the blink of an eye, really - life changed forever for Bobby Hurley.