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The main character in the series is BoJack. As for Mr Peanutbutter, his age is never explicitly stated in the show, but he is possibly around 5 years younger than BoJack, given that his show, Mr Peanutbutter’s House, started about 5 years after Horsin’ Around did, putting him at around 47 in season 3. Sep 24, 2014 12:01 pm @zsharf. I think many people know it for sure. Wanda was a recurring character in season two of BoJack Horseman and was briefly BoJack's girlfriend after waking from a thirty-year long coma. What's really interesting about the show is the mixture of real celebrity cameos, invented celebrities in the … Comment Share. BoJack Horseman is a well known Netflix show that gained a lot of popularity. Don't act like you don't want to know. Bojack Horseman takes an honest look at the cult of celebrity in the 21st century, whether it's through Bojack's lens of an aged fading sitcom star, Sarah Lynn's evolution from child actor to pop star to songwriter, or Todd's strange attempts to become a creator in the current Hollywoo landscape. The horse was beguiled by her and she is one of the few love interests BoJack was depicted as having genuine feelings for. BuzzFeed Staff. Analysis of characters in BoJack Horseman. Which "BoJack Horseman" Character Are You? by Matthew Perpetua. Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Bojack Horseman Characters. Why 'BoJack Horseman' Makes Netflix Matter in the Online Television Age. by Danny Hernandez; Jan 05, 2019; Share Tweet Email.

0. I am thinking of doing character analysis about some characters in this show for my first try for an article. So, I have some occurring thoughts about it. From Bojack and Princess Caroline to Mr Peanutbutter and Officer Meow Meow, we've got the personality types of all the Bojack Horseman characters.