If you have a savings and checking account set up online, simply log into your account and transfer money from your savings into your checking. Saving for your future or something more short term like a holiday? But there's a catch: you can't withdraw any money for a whole decade, until the bond has matured.

If you have a savings account, there is a limit to how many withdrawals you can make.

Savings accounts. However, you can't usually access the cash during that time, and even if you can, the penalties can be large. Where can I get the best rate? Alternatively, if you don’t have a checking account that’s linked to your savings, go to your bank and fill out a withdrawal slip for the amount of money you’d like. The lock savings account can be accessed by going to M-PESA >>Loans and Savings >>M-Shwari>> Lock and selecting, “Lock Savings Account”. The menu is as displayed below when accessed the first time. High-yield savings accounts work the same as regular savings accounts with one key difference: they offer a much higher APY for savers. (See our Top Savings Accounts guide for the best buys.) Your current account provider won’t necessarily offer you the best rate on your savings, so it pays to shop around. Can you lock cash away? 6) How do I Open and Save into Lock Savings Account?

With savings rates at an all-time low, Leeds Building Society's new 10-Year No Access Income Bond, which launched last week, offers savers a higher rate than most accounts on the market at 4% AER. Keep in mind that inflation is currently outpacing more interest rates, so your money be losing value in real terms over time. And, you can discover your savings potential with our savings … The savings account withdrawal limit is no more than six "convenient" withdrawals per month. These accounts are most commonly found at online banks, which means you sacrifice the convenience of branch banking. Fixed-rate accounts give a (slightly) better return. But it's possible to find high-yield savings accounts with an APY as high as 5%. A fixed-rate account is just a savings account where the amount you earn is set in stone over a fixed time period. There is a lot of confusion over locked-in accounts because, unlike a pension, it is held under a person’s name in an account where they can see and manage the investments. Easily set and track your savings goal in the ANZ App with your eligible ANZ savings account. We offer savings accounts to suit all your savings needs. How long can I afford to lock up my cash?