The Rise of Skywalker has made £39.4 million at the UK box office so far, and is now the UK’s seventh biggest film of 2019 after just two weeks of release. Share. Read it in full here . Elsewhere in Indiewire’s wide-ranging and spoileriffic chat with Chris Terrio, he discusses the return of Palpatine, Rey’s parentage reveal, and the film’s final scene. The "Skywalker" scribe explains how Kelly Marie Tran's limited screen time had to do with the late Carrie Fisher's appearance as Princess Leia.

29 December 2019; by Rodrigo Perez ; The Playlist “Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker” is out in the world and while it was likely a no-win scenario with fans, the backlash in some corners of fandom is very real. Tweet. Spoilers ahoy, thanks to the in-depth observations of Abrams’ co-writer, “Star Wars” newbie (and “Argo” and “Justice League” screenwriter) Chris Terrio. In a recent interview, Chris Terrio spoke about writing The Rise of Skywalker crawl with J.J. Abrams. Five More Critics Groups Announce Their Favorites: 'The Master,' 'Zero Dark Thirty,' and 'Silver Linings Playbook' ‘Rise Of Skywalker’: Screenwriter Chris Terrio Says No One Was “Deliberately Trying To Sideline” Rose. December 30, 2019. ‘Star Wars’ Writer Chris Terrio on Rey’s Parentage, the Big Villain, and That Final Scene — Spoilers . They were looking for a way to tie things together with Kylo Ren's ongoing story arc, paired with the return of Emperor Palpatine, and where the Resistance was. Share. Reblog. Kate Erbland. Indiewire.