— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) December 9, 2019 And Teigen did answer quite a lot of fan questions, though some things, like “what’s your credit score” may never be known.

The Q&A session started when someone wondered aloud whether celebrities have “junk drawers where they throw random cords and pens” and tagged her.
Fortunately, for that, we have Twitter, and we have Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen to answer all our questions. (She does, but it’s unusually neat.) Chrissy Teigen will pull the John Legend card when making a restaurant reservation. Here are some of the best Chrissy Teigen replies to fan questions that … She also pays extra to be driven directly to the plane when she flies. Model Chrissy Teigen answers Vogue's 73 questions at her Los Angeles home with adorable cameo's including her daughter Luna, her new puppy & John Legends Oscar.