Cole Porter's name derives from the surnames of his parents, Kate Cole and Sam Porter. O. Porter’s mother, Kate, always had the best clothes and education and was trained in dancing and music. Porter's songs show an elegance of expression (wording) and a cool detachment that are a perfect example of the kind of sophistication unique to the 1930s.

Cole was raised on a 750-acre fruit ranch. He was born on a 750-acre farm in Peru, Ind., on June 9, 1892, the son of Samuel Fenwick Porter, a fruit grower, and the former Kate Cole. started from humble beginnings as son of a shoemaker, but his business savvy and strong work ethic made him the richest man in Indiana. Cole Porter was born on June 9, 1891 and died on October 15, 1964. Kate's father, James Omar (known as J. ), was an influential man both in the community and in Cole's early life. He was also a truly talented creator of original melodies. Cole Porter was born June 9, 1891, at Peru, Indiana, the son of pharmacist Samuel Fenwick Porter and Kate Cole. His mother’s father, James Omar (J.O. Cole Porter would have been 73 years old at the time of death or 124 years old today. Kate Cole married Samuel Porter in 1884 and had two children, Louis and Rachel, who both died in infancy. He could play the … Porter was born in Peru, Indiana in 1891.
Cole Porter died on October 15, 1964, in Santa Monica, California. J.O. )Cole, started as the son of a shoemaker, struck it rich in the California gold rush and invested so wisely that he became the wealthiest man in Indiana.