Every day of my life. Could the coronavirus have been in the U.S. before January? 8.5k comments. 23.2k. I really wanted to go. 「君が昨日パーティーに来ていなくて残念だったよ。君がいたならもっと楽しかったのに」 B: I know! Could Have synonyms. Top synonyms for could have (other words for could have) are might have, would have and may have. And that's what we have to begin. I saw it as an investment in my future - the cost of the operation would have been added to my debt to the company. share.

These elements are only What Could Have Been but never were and never will be part of the story proper.

"Could've Been" is the third single released from Tiffany, the debut album of American teen-pop singer Tiffany.
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No … Some may quickly find a home in Fan Work . It would have been more fun if you had been there. Could have been so right.

Could Have Been synonyms. Many fans love hearing the possible paths their favorite story could have taken... even while breathing a sigh of relief (or feeling disappointed) that they ultimately didn't come to be. Commercially, the song proved to be a successful follow-up to her debut single "I Think We're Alone Now", peaking atop the US Billboard Hot 100, the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart, and the Irish Singles Chart in early 1988.

Andy Cohen reveals he gave his rescue dog Wacha away, because keeping him could have been "catastrophic" for his son. To what could've been What could've been Oh, what could've been Whoa-oh I thought I'd see it clearly from a distance But it still feels like we've got unfinished business 'Cause baby we'd left Blood the on the tracks Sweat on the saddle Fire in the hills Bullet in the barrel … Could have been my lover. Some windows, Castro No lives that could have went that direction last. Cajuns will never know what could have been at WCWS. Recent reports have suggested increased optimism for the resumption of the 2019-20 season, which has been on hold since March 12 due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Could have been so beautiful. Watch Chicago P.D. Review: ‘Lovebirds’ is a fun exercise that could have been better It’s a fine movie to spend 86 minutes watching from the comfort of your own home Share this: Could've Been Lyrics: Please, allow me to show you something / Mmm, somebody give me, yeah / Somebody give me, uh / Somebody tell me the answers / Me and you isn't the answer (Uh) / … Top synonyms for could have been (other words for could have been) are might have been, could be and would have.
When Rachel hears Barry and Mindy are getting divorced, the gang wonder how different their lives could have been. What movies could have been much shorter if the main characters just used a little common sense? That could have been a tragedy.

If all had gone as hoped for and expected by the UL softball team, the Ragin’ Cajuns would … Directed by Michael Lembeck. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Since Merrill was bought by Bank of America during the last financial crisis, I’m confident that BofA will take care of me. highlight 'What Could Have Been' on NBC.com Native speakers often do not pronounce their past tense modals as clearly as Tiffany. Diese Zeit hätte bei dieser Plenartagung sinnvoller genutzt werden können. Close. 1. save hide report.