Cullinan IX diamond set into a platinum ring: In 1911, Queen Mary commissioned Garrad & Co to set the stone into a platinum ring, in which form it has remained ever since. In its rough form, the diamond weighed 3,106 carats (1.4 pounds, or 0.6 kilogram). Königin Elisabeth II. All nine Cullinan diamonds are priceless, and all nine are often available for public viewing at the Buckingham Palace exhibition or at the Tower of London. Read more . Cullinan V An unusually romantic heart-shaped diamond, the Cullinan V is 18.8 carats (3.76 grams) set in a platinum and diamond brooch, worn by Queen Mary. Pink Star Diamond Ring – $83 Million.

Der Cullinan Diamant I hat eine Größe von 530,2 Karat und ist auch unter dem alternativen Namen Großer Stern von Afrika (Great Star of Africa) bekannt.

Sell Your Diamond . Unfortunately, this ring is severely misused and has been worn by either Queens on only a handful of occasions. If there is any truth to the narrative that millennials are ruining the diamond market, it was not a memo that was received by the person who purchased this ring for a record price of $83 million which became the most expensive amount a person ever paid for a ring. Er hat eine tropfenförmige Schliffform mit 76 Facetten und schmückt das Zepter von Edward VII., aus dem er für besondere Anlässe auch herausgenommen und einzeln getragen werden kann. Der kleinste der Cullinan-Diamanten, ein birnenförmiger 4,39 Karat Diamant, wurde in einem gravierten Ring verwendet. Share-claw Halo Diamond Ring . Category. About Repairs Contact Shop Cart 0. Most Expensive Rings In The World 1. 1,699.00. The ninth Cullinan diamond is a pear-cut stone weighing 4.4 carats. The Cullinan diamond was the largest diamond ever discovered. Queen Elizabeth inherited the ring, along with the other Cullinans, upon Queen Mary’s death in 1953. 7,800.00. It was found in 1905 at the Premier Mine, east of Pretoria , South Africa . Cart 0. The brooch was specially designed to flaunt the unusual heart shape, and is now one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite pieces, after inheriting it from Queen Mary in 1953. The last of the numbered Cullinan chips is Cullinan IX, a pear shape diamond weighing 4.39 carats. By comparison, a good-sized diamond in an engagement ring weighs about 1 carat. "Der Große Stern von Afrika" wird heute auf einen Wert von ungefähr 350 Millionen Euro geschätzt. Instead of keeping this diamond to himself, Cullinan sold the diamond to the Transvaal provincial government, who later gave the diamond away to King Edward VII as a present for his 66th birthday. Queen Mary had it set in a ring in a claw setting, which was then inherited by Queen Elizabeth. 2,600.00. Solitaire 4 Claw Diamond Ring. Contact Shop. It is set in a platinum ring that is fondly known as the Cullinan IX ring. All; Diamond Bands Engagement Rings Mens Rings Pedal and Round Diamond Band. Cullinan is a breathtaking 45-minute drive from South Africa’s capital, Pretoria. experience CULLINAN. Of course, with the amount of glove-wearing going on in the queen’s life, the occasions on which to actually see a ring like this are relatively few. Cullinan IX: A Splendid Royal Ring . erbte diese Diamanten 1953. Family owned and run since 1998, Cullinan Jewellers brings back In-House craftsmanship with high end jewellery design. Auch einige der 96 Brillanten wurden von der Königsfamilie gekauft und für Halsketten und andere Schmuckstücke verwendet.