In 1974 Dana started filming her own TV series for BBC called ‘A day with Dana’. Signed to Rex Records in 1967. Um den Titel herunterzuladen nutzen Sie einfach die Shop-Links für iTunes und Amazon. Dana can be 9 different artists: Dana Rosemary Scallon; Dana (South Korean singer); Dana van Dreven aka DJ Lady Dana; Dana L. Stovall, Dana the Lebanese singer (change your tags to Dana Halabi please); Dana Nalbaru, former singer in Romanian band Hi-q; Dana the Spanish singer; and dANA, an electronic pysche infinity group from brooklyn, a Finnish DJ and 'core musician. DANA Lyrics - A selection of 12 Dana lyrics including Fairytale, Please Tell Him That I Said Hello, Count Your Blessings, Let Me Live, He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother ... Browse; Submit Lyrics; New Lyrics ; USA Chart; Top Albums; Top Lyrics; eLyrics D Dana Lyrics (1-12 of 12 song lyrics) Average rating for Dana songs is 7.46/10 [113 votes]. She became a chart regular with hits such as ‘Please tell him that I said hello’ and ‘It’s gonna be a cold cold Christmas’. Here you find more information and download links for Please Tell Him That I Said Hello by Dana. Chart Debut Date Peak Pos. Please Tell Him That I Said Hello By: Dana [Dana Rosemary Scallon] Date: 01/1975 Comment: written by Mike Shepstone & Peter Dibbens. We don't have this lyrics yet, you can help us by submitting it After Submitted Lyrics, Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. Dana Rosemary Scallon (rođena kao Rosemary Brown 30. aughusta 1951), poznata pod umjetničkim imenom Dana je irska pjevačica i bivša političarka. In February 1969, Dana came second in the Irish National Song Contest, and the following year came first, thus becoming Ireland's representative at the Eurovision finals in Amsterdam.

Dana resurfaced on the recording scene in 1974, newly signed to the GTO label. Dana. Sämtliche Trackinformationen inkl. Enjoy the lyrics !!! Der Titel wurde zuletzt von der Radiostation gespielt. Nieuwsgierig luisterde ik enkele nummers van deze zangeres en was blij verrast. The title was last played by the radio station . Dana_{Dana} Rosemary Scallon Mc1Schol; 83 videos; 56,989 views; Last updated on Jul 9, 2018 _____ {Dana} Rosemary Scallon _____ Ik was op YouTube aan het zoeken en kwam een zangeres Dana genaamd tegen, songfestival winnaar in 1970 als ik het goed heb. Her debut, "Are You Still Mad at Me," did nothing, but the new year saw her score a Top Ten hit with "Please Tell Him That I Said Hello." Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen und Downloadlinks zu dem Titel Please Tell Him That I Said Hello von Dana. Submit Lyrics.

Cover werden uns von iTunes zur Verfügung gestellt. Please Tell Him That I Said Hello Lyrics. They asked her to record under a shorter name, so she chose Dana, her teenage nickname.