He was the former White House Deputy Chief-of-Staff in the President Richmond administration and was White House Chief of Staff under President Tom Kirkman.He is portrayed by Adan Canto.. Overview . Aaron Asks Emily Out. This thread is archived. 89% Upvoted.

Mar 23, 2017 - Aaron Shore and Emily Rhodes from Designated Survivor. Emily Rhodes life becomes a tangled mess of lies and treason. I may finally get my Aaron/Emily that was denied to me by Criminal Minds. They themselves will have to figure out if they are ready to take their relationship or whatever connection they have to the next level come "Designated Survivor" season 2.

A lire sur AlloCiné : "Designated Survivor", la série portée par Kiefer Sutherland dans le rôle du Président Tom Kirkman, s'arrête et ne reviendra pas pour une saison 4. Could’ve been a good story but no . So I’m first season, Aaron and Emily were eventually taking a liking to each other!

This is a story I cranked out in one day, in which Aaron and Emily sleep together again following President Kirkman's proper Inauguration. 4. But then in season 2, Aaron loses screen time and Emily goes off with Seth. AU version of Designated Survivor. The romantic connection between Emily and Seth, while not emphasized on the show, has been hinted at.

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However, that does not mean they will be a couple. "I don't know what you're talking about." Follow/Fav The Secret. The results of that union will rock the White House... Read, Review and Enjoy! save hide report. best. By: starry19. Rated: Fiction M - English - Aaron S ... "Aaron Shore I cannot believe you let me sleep until nine!" TV Shows: Designated Survivor fanfiction archive with over 188 stories.

Sort by. Post 1x19 - "He was warm, and smelled good, and she was just so tired, and there were many worse places to sleep than Aaron Shore's chest." Emily and Aaron had more chemistry than Bill Nye, and it is a damn shame that these two didn't get to share more than one kiss. As if we never saw this moment coming. 11 comments. level 1. Aaron Shore is first seen in Season 1: Pilot. Like wtf, why not Aaron and Emily?! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Aaron Shore (né Rivera) is the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States and Vice President-elect of the United States. Aaron could tell she was smiling before he even saw her, he stopped chewing on his lip and closed his folder. He smirked at her.