Then Finn Gave himself to Santana wanting to get back @ Rachel for going out with Jessie. Puckandquinnforever is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. While the New Directions sing True Colors at the end of the episode, Finn and Quinn smile at each other.

Puck and Quinn explicitly end up together.

What We Learned: Puzzling out the Hamilton trade, plus draft grades. Because I don’t like ships just about sex *insert throw-up here* Puck: This isn't just another hook up to me! BECAUSE HE LOVES HER! Puck and Quinn explicitly end up together. Each time that Finn and Rachel decide to be together, it ends up breaking up another one of their relationships. First Scene Their first scene was filled with awesome win. Pretty sure “Quick” didnt end up together. X. Because of Beth! Quinn feels genuinely hurt and guilty for Finn's reaction to the truth about the baby. Dats F***** up and yet he is willing to give QUINN!!!! You can use the To-Do bar to display your upcoming calendar events, your task list, or your favorite contacts. ‘Glee’ Series Finale Recap – How Did It All End? Puck Daddy. To display the To-Do Bar, select View > To-Do Bar. Many relationships were cast aside in favor of Finn and Rachel being together, including those with Quinn, Puck and Jesse. Mike and Tina never break up. Quinn takes this lightly and says its "ancient history", but Rachel replys that Puck was at his best when they were together. The To-Do bar is one of the panes you can add to Outlook for your PC or laptop. In the end, though, both lose and end up hurt. We know that in the 100th episode of Glee, Quinn and Puck are seen reunited, after Quinn broke up with Biff, her ex-boyfriend from Yale. ADORABLE BETH<3 VIII. I was sooooooo Pissed that Finn broke up with Rachel when she didnt really do anything but KISS puck. Mike and Tina never break up. One night, Puck got Quinn "drunk" on wine coolers and they had unprotected sex leading to Quinn's pregnancy, a daughter whom Puck named Beth.

Their relationship begins almost four months prior to Pilot and ends in the episode Sectionals, when Finn finds out that Quinn has cheated on him with his best friend, Noah Puckerman, and that she is pregnant with his baby. She was born in the episode Journey and Puck told Quinn that he love her; she smiled as if agreeing, only to be … 04-abr-2019 - Explora el tablero de hernandezsanfil "Glee | Quinn and Puck <3" en Pinterest. Then Rachel said to Quinn about how she always feels the same thing about Quinn and Puck, and how she always thought that they'd end up together. They slept together at least twice in I Do. 2/22/2011I was sooooooo Pissed that Finn broke up with Rachel when she didnt really do anything but KISS puck. relationship works out. Credit: FOX © 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co. Glee Will Quinn and Puck Stay Together?