Stella Never lacks supplements and food:. An audience of total strangers will probably love your stuff, so get out there and impress them. Anyway, don’t be discouraged! When Drew Lynch was just 23, he was struck by a softball that left him with a concussion and an injured... Carrie Fisher.

Drew Lynch has a service dog named Stella, who helps him day-to-day emotional toll of his disability, a severe stutter. What Does Drew Lynch Do To Take Care Of His Service Dog?


Just like Drew Lynch’s dog Stella, your family give you blank looks. Be sure to check the website as the show date gets closer. Stella was born ( 2013-03-03 ) March 3, 2013 (age 7) , [3] and is a Vizsla breed. No reaction whatsoever. If there is no “BUY” link for tickets on a show, tickets may not be available for purchase yet. HOME; SHOP; PROMO; TOUR; VIDEOS; BOOK ME! How is your money being used? I'd like to be able to focus more on my channel and delivering the high quality content you guys deserve. Drew Lynch is an objectively funny comedian, just ask your mom. Maybe they’ve seen our act too many times before.

Drew Lynch’s dog is a Hungarian Vizsla, they are highly intelligent, hunter, pointer retrievers that were the dogs of Hungarian aristocracy and allowed to live in the house. In this spirit, I am following the guidance of federal, state and local public health and safety officials around the country, and we are acting accordingly. Drew Lynch here. Drew Lynch. I'm a stand-up comedian and I have a dog named Stella. Celebrity Canines: Famous People and Their Service Dogs Drew Lynch. I appreciate all of my fans from all over the world, and nothing is more important to me than your well-being. Stella is typically portrayed as moody on Lynch's YouTube Channel and is attributed with comments by captions placed above her head by Drew Lynch.

Deadpan stares. Drew often features his service dog, Stella, in his YouTube videos. Drew and Stella YouTube . In addition to my YouTube channel, I tour across the country doing stand-up comedy.

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