And obviously, Claudia will be making her way to the manor soon to find her baby. But before Sammy and Steven can walk down the aisle, family secrets will be exposed and relationships will be tested. After a few hours of intimacy with Sammy Jo in the cabin, Steven is prepared to marry her. The wedding is beautiful, and Sammy Jo tones down his apparel to make his love happy, but senses that Steven is keeping something from him. On the other hand, it’s Steven and Sam’s wedding day. Thanks for watching this season of #Dynasty ! It's wedding day on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 22. 1 Best: Steven And Sam Sammy Jo and Steven had the most iconic and genuine relationship of the whole series. In the meantime, Fallon is still determined to have the abortion, but Jeff is going to watch her at every moment to make sure it does not happen. Not to mention, the entire Dynasty Season One is now available on Netflix. Who survives? Steven is resistant to be with Sam because of Ted, and because of Sam’s illegal immigrant status. However, he is drunk so he passes out and awakes to find Fallon gone. The entire Dynasty cast sat in the courtroom looking me up and down, whispering to each other about my face, my figure, my acting, my clothes. Then again, still in the 1st season of Dynasty, Fallon Carrington is unhappy after finding her billionaire father Blake is engaged to Cristal. Who is a rival employee at the family company? ... as had Alexis’s son Steven… Steven keeps telling Sam (via text message) that he’ll be back for Christmas. But after Sam foolishly tries to rub a wedding date in his face (set up by Fallon, and who turns out to be the very much straight Random Handsome Man), Steven and Sam … Due to the exit of James Mackay, the actor that portrays Steven, the show had to move on from their love story, since the Carrington boy no longer is one of the main characters of the show. The CW has renewed Dynasty for season 2 and here's everything you need to know, including release date, cast and spoilers. The two find a justice of the peace and wed.