Hasselbeck’s return came on a surreal day for “The View” as the show became on of several national TV programs to air without a studio audience, due to coronavirus fears. On Wednesday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made a guest appearance on The View. ‘The View’: Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns, defends Trump’s response to coronavirus Chuck Barney. It’s goddamn Elisabeth, and by a country mile. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thinks Donald Trump and Jesus Will Save Us From the Coronavirus. If you’ve ever found yourself sitting alone in the twilight hours wondering if Meghan McCain is a worse conservative white lady than Elisabeth Hasselbeck, fantastic news, I have an answer. Your favorite TV shows that are getting another season. You may remember her as one of the truly conservative former cohosts, who refused to listen to Whoopi Goldberg or Joy Behar's nonsense.

3/12/2020. As a staunch Trump supporter, Hasselbeck utterly torched Goldberg on live TV after Whoopi started panicking over the coronavirus and blamed President Donald Trump.