She wears clothing that makes her appear rich and famous, which draws the attention of the public and the members of her freak show. She is the manager of a quite unsuccessful Freak Show. In 1960, however, the marriage falls apart as both Elsa and Michael cheat on one another and Michael learns about the truth of her amputated legs—something which Hedda Hopper also learns, effectively ruining Elsa's career. Was it actually an implication that she was in the sex industry? Distraught over Mossimo’s news and the state of her life, in general, Elsa is good and drunk when her husband and Gable come to confront her about her past a … Elsa also learns that her old lover, Massimo Dolcefino, is terminally ill with cancer and that the freaks are all dead. Elsa formerly had legs, but were amputated during one of her “films.” Outfits . She secretly has prosthetic legs, which reveals she has more in common with her "freaks" than meets the eye. At one point in her career, Elsa was drugged and tricked into performing in a torture porn/ snuff film where her legs got sawed off (a.k.a., amputated). Elsa dresses as if she was a star, even before she becomes one. As opposed to people sympathising with her since it depicts her being drugged and legs amputated while conscious. Elsa Mars is the protagonist villain of American Horror Story: Freak Show. She Elsa is a tortured woman with a dangerous desire for fame.

In the flashbacks of Pepper's origin story, Elsa's legs are clearly shown to be intact, but I thought that her "adoption" of Pepper would have happened after her naily toilet days. SPOILER!!! When Elsa's snuff film surfaced, why was it assumed that it would "ruin her"? Elsa's legs in ep 10?