Don Emilio Pucci was an Italian politician and fashion designer. Emilio Pucci was born to an illustrious family in 1914.

He worked and lived in the Pucci Palace for Emilio Pucci Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Emilio Pucci Biography - Lived from 1914 until 1992, Emilio Pucci was born in Florence to one of the most noble families at the time. Back then the Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento family was an embodiment of glamor and jet set lifestyles of post-war Italy. Emilio Pucci, marquis di Barsento, (born Nov. 20, 1914, Naples, Italy—died Nov. 29, 1992, Florence), Italian fashion designer and politician.. Pucci, who came from a wealthy, aristocratic Florentine family, was educated for a diplomatic career. He earned a Ph.D. in social science but entered the Italian air force in 1941 and remained in the service after the end of World War II. The Emilio Pucci Biography The story of Emilio Pucci the brand starts at the very beginning with the man.