4:11. These are the lyrics to song Here we go as performed by Mystikal Lyrics to song Here we go by Mystikal Intro E-40 Uh, uh, hah! It has later been We Got The Clout by Mystikal - Topic. Mystikal / Alright nigga, this E four O / Huh, E four O, E four O, huh / Finna get it crankin up in this biatch Here We Go by Mystikal - Topic. Shake Ya Ass by Mystikal - Topic. Still Smokin' ... Mystikal - Here I Go by MystikalVEVO. “Here I Go” is track number 11 on Mind of Mystikal, and was made as a retaliation song towards The B.G.‘z and U.N.L.V. 3:38. Hombre!) Here We Go Lyrics: (Intro [E-40]) / Uh, uh, hah! whom he was in conflict with at the time. 4:33. / Alright, Mystikal, (BITCH! 4:19 .