BTS Skit: Expectation! Suga: Well, not getting caught up on being #1 or whatever, I really like the album itself.

lyrics performed by BTS: Rap Monster: Do you think we can reach #1? (Whoo) Yeah, 'whoo' that sadness away Some more where that came from Ladies, I know what you want (want, want) Skit: Expectation! We have a large team of moderators working on this day and night. Lyrics. Na laudo bad kise du pyaar dede.

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The album is good. Lyrics to 'Lower Your Expectations (If You Want Love)' by Bo Burnham. [Verse 1: 6LACK] / You expect me to know, a lot of shit that I'm just out here Expectations Lyrics : Thode niwe hovo Log sir chad jaande aa Je marji karunde Wich shad jande aa. No Expectations Lyrics. We all want love How many single ladies out there looking for love tonight? Or perhaps you can help us out. Take me to the station And put me on a train I've got no expectations To pass through here again Once I was a rich man Now I am so poor But never in my sweet short life Have I felt like this before You heart is like a diamond You throw your pearls at swine I like the song Rap Monster: I can't be … Matlab tak ji ji hundi aa Phir to sifata de mad jande aa Je banda khaas howe Mehanti bhi kariye Je koi uthe bahota Phla wich taar dye de. Lyrics to 'Great Expectations' by Kiss. You're sittin' in your seat And then you stand and clutch your breasts Our music drives you wild along with the rest You watch me singing this song