It has an absurd silliness, some reckless driving, mild profanity ("ass"), and a lot of burger-themed pratfalls and puns, but it's ultimately a good-natured slapstick comedy about friendship … Parent reviews for Good Burger. This teen is a simple soul who has a good heart, but his irritating non-stop chatter and literal interpretation of every instruction given him makes us wonder how he keeps his job. Good Burger is a small, independent burger stand in the middle of a vague urban landscape (I'm not even sure what state it's supposed to be in--California, probably).

Seeing as I used to be a big fan of All That, I decided to give Good Burger another go-round, to see if its juvenile humor still stood up throughout the years.

Parents say (4) Kids say (14) Parent of a 10 and 11-year-old Written bymaddox121 October 7, 2015. age 7+ Good Burger is the Best Nick … Parents need to know that Good Burger is a late-'90s comedy about two dimwitted teenagers who work at a fast food joint and are portrayed as loafers and schemers, until they learn they may lose their jobs. Common Sense says . Parents say . age 8+ Based on 4 reviews. And it did.

age 9+ Based on 14 reviews. Kids say . Good-natured '90s comedy loaded with pratfalls, silliness. Ed (Kel Mitchell), a frantic fanatic fast-food employee working for a typical by-the-road burger joint called Good Burger, loves his job so much he even showers in his uniform.

Add your rating. Ed (Mitchell) is the counter guy, and he's turned the position behind the cash register into his personal sacred ground; when he's late to work, the whole operation is paralyzed. So it's no wonder people were less than inviting when Good Burger came about, a movie based off of a skit from a kids version of SNL that airs on Nickelodeon.

age 10+ Based on our expert review.