In the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui, the front door is knowns as the "mouth of chi," because it is through this portal that a house or office absorbs most of the universal energy that it needs to nourish your personal energy and well-being.

Each side of the Ba-Gua also represents a different element (water, earth, etc. So, the best feng shui colors for a North facing front door are (in order of their auspiciousness): blue, black, white, and gray. The water element is responsible for guiding chi into your home. The sectors labeled SC, FW, TY and YN are good sectors and can be used to locate active areas like the living room, dining room, bedrooms, or study areas, etc.

And would have the following energy map. 8 mansions feng shui is a school of thought that identifies 4 good and 4 bad area of a house. Hence east and west facing houses receive more natural sunlight into the house and are usually warmer than north or south facing houses. Feng Shui has cures which can re-energize or enhance these sections. 8 mansions feng shui is about dividing a house into 8 energy sectors consisting of 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious.. A northeast facing house would be sitting on southwest. 8 mansions feng shui.

), as well as color, and these are things which we can keep in mind when decorating our home. To take advantage of this, decorate the front door or the surrounding area with wave-like patterns. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Among the favorable sectors that has positive energy, one of which is yen nien sector which brings relationship harmony when nurtured. Colors to Avoid Avoid the following colors for your North facing front door: green, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, and deep pink. For a north facing house… Most home owners prefer either a north or south facing house which is cooler but still receive sufficient sunlight. However, this is not a default feng shui assessment as there are various components to the energy dynamics of a property to determine … Bad House Feng Shui (Sha) clutter; dusty, unused or broken items; Bed directly under a window So a lot of people naturally that such a home would be perfect for a household where the patriarch is the main breadwinner to maintain the family. 8 mansions feng shui. A northwest facing house is one where the Chien trigram finds it's way to the facade of the property. A north-facing front door lies in the water element, according to feng shui beliefs. Hang pictures of fish or the ocean near the front door.