Sie kommt zwar ohne viel Klimbim, aber ihr Babydoll ist entzückend und ihr Gesicht ist wirklich makellos und wunderschön. Sometimes I even show Spectra. Biggest Pet Peeve: I am not a little weasel so stop calling me that! He looks faint grey, and wears some rich jewels as a petcoming gift from Azura. She is from the 19th century and can float through the walls and possesses an “uncanny” ability to overhear school gossip. The question is, rather, will she be able to stop it once she knows the truth? Ich würde sie mir jederzeit wieder kaufen und kann sie nur weiterempfehlen. Spectra gehört zu meinen Lieblingscharakteren an der Monster High, so ist es nicht wenig verwunderlich, dass ich diese Puppe einfach haben musste. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald. Spectra Vondergeist. It's quite the haunting look wouldn't you agree? Daughter of the ghost. Classic editor History Comments Share. Maybe one day, Monster High will have more than monsters walking the halls and bring unity between all individuals. Killer Style: Silk, silk and more silk accentuated with just a touch of metal. BFFs

Favorite Activity: Finding the secret places in Monster High that no other monster knows about! He has hair like Timmy Turner, which is white, and has a grey chain through it.

He is just like any other squirrel, but Spectra couldn't help but put him in a cute little scarf and propeller cap. Scepter is the new pet of Spectra. Fanpop has Spectra Vondergeist trivia questions.

Spectra Vondergeist Silky Makeover Even if Spectra Vondergeist is a ghost, she has a different kind of beauty. Edit. Spectra Vondergeist. Spectra Vondergeist, momentarily known as Spectra Von Hauntington, is the daughter of the Ghosts. Favorite Food: I am a rather picky eater, but I do enjoy a nice meal of ghost shrimp. It allows me to freely float about with just a hint of rattle. She and many other students/staff want peace among all living (and undead) beings. Almost. Headmistress Bloodgood hopes that normies will attend Monster High in the future. See how well you do in the Spectra Vondergeist quiz. Spectra Vondergeist digs deep beneath the surface to try and find the reason behind the sudden spate of disappearances, for the fear flooding through the students of Monster High. Age: 16. School Books Webisodes Dolls Monster High is a school for creatures of all kinds. Freaky Flaw: I already have THE blog that's on every gossip ghouls must read list but any body can get a blog these days. She may have a violet skin, purple lips and dark blue eyes, still she can easily attract everybody around her with her beauty! Spectra Vondergeist. Being in print gives me instant credibility however, not that I … No one ever heard about Rhuen when Scepter needed a guardian. The 18th of September, I finally get my own column in the school paper.