By duckduckduckgoose, April 5, 2017 in IHOG: International House of Grads. It’s a selective program, but it’s worth going for. Hi everyone, First of all congrats to everyone who's been awarded a Fulbright award and best of luck to the people waiting for it. A princetonian is more willing to help another princetonian, than a fulbrighter to another fulbrighter. Hey everyone, I posted this in the wrong place last time, I hope this is the right one. Hey everyone, After a lot of research, I cannot find anything on what people do after they do a Fulbright ETA. Personally, I think your college networks are much stronger and willing to help. Other people tell me that outside of academia and education, the Fulbright scholarship doesn't really hold much weight. So if you’re a U.S. citizen looking to spend time abroad, don’t rule out Fulbright.
Fulbright ETA's can be super fun and low stress if you are paired with a good school/university.
One of its aims is to share U.S. culture with other parts of the world. I promise you that you deserve it. (It's kind of like a 'that's cool!' The only way to do that is by ensuring that grantees themselves represent the diversity that both comprises the U.S., and in which we take pride. I'm really excited to be a Fulbright ETA! thing, but not a 'Wow, you're so much more employable now!' I was hoping you experts could help me out with a predicament I'm having. The fulbright experience is too varied across different countries to develop much of a shared bond with other fulbrighters. duckduckduckgoose 1 duckduckduckgoose 1 Decaf; Members; 1 3 posts; Posted April 5, 2017. Recommended Posts. But that's just my take on it. Fulbright is richest when it is diverse. I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for a Fulbright award but I'm slightly … I know it is a prestigious grant where the experience alone is worth it; however, I am curious as to what former Fulbrights did after their grant period. I have heard of a lot of people saying that the Fulbright is somewhat prestigious and that it will 'open doors'. Learn how to apply for a Fulbright Research/Study or ETA award. 11/04/2017Is Fulbright worth it? thing). Is Fulbright worth the two-year rule? The Win A Fulbright blog goes beyond Fulbright tips and covers all aspects of the Fulbright application process from finding a Fulbright letter of affiliation to writing strong Fulbright essays. I'm going to the US for a 5 year PhD and I have been offered some Fulbright funding. Fulbright does not have any official alum benefits to my knowledge.