There is good reason to believe this is not true.

PETA has a team of scientists, regulatory specialists, and lawyers working together to end the use of tests on animals worldwide. The organizations on Charity Navigator’s 2020 list of the “10 Best Charities” were selected from the more than 8,000 nonprofits that are evaluated each year by the charity watchdog agency. The 2019 rankings account for a charity’s efficiency, financial performance, transparency, and accountability. Thanks to a generous foundation supporting PETA's work, an additional gift of $75 will be made to benefit our Investigations & Rescue Fund for each new monthly donor who gives via this form until December 31, 2020, or until the $75,000 campaign goal is met.

In fact, collectively, the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals take in roughly $300,000,000 per year--a powerful testament not only to the love the American people have for animals and their desire to see them protected, but our collective faith in these organization to represent the animals' best interest. They euthanize animals in large quantities because they don't want to waste their $$$ in providing for them. PETA works directly with companies’ CEOs, management teams, research and development specialists, and global sustainability officers to ensure that all of the information we receive is 100% accurate and complete, from the top down. Is this charity a good one to give to? We have 656 articles about past events, donations and campaigns. I'm sorry to hear you love PETA. PETA is an organization, not a charity. Celebrity supporters of PETA, including Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney, and Ellen DeGeneres. PETA is into sensationalizing their efforts and hiding their illicit activities.

THE finale of Crufts’ 2018 was disrupted when PETA stormed the stage, saying the dog show promotes “extreme breeding”. As toilet paper panic-buying grips Australia amid the coronavirus outbreak, animal rights charity PETA is set to give away free loo rolls.. Even adoptable animals aren't safe. PETA implies that the animals it kills are mostly near death’s door. We explain what happened, what the organisation is all about… In 2010 a Virginia veterinarian inspected PETA’s animal shelter and discovered the truth about the so-called “shelter.” Get the full report. Jennifer F. • il y a 3 ans PETA has so many horrific videos of the stuff they encounter on a daily basis---I support part of what PETA does however I feel that sometimes they over react to a lot of things (just my person opinion.