Outstanding British Film of the Year. Sorry We Missed You (2019) Amanda Awards, Norway. Ken Loach, the award-winning director, will join Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw for a live-streamed discussion. BAFTA Awards 2017. BAFTA Film Award.
BAFTA Film Award. Ken Loach, in full Kenneth Loach, (born June 17, 1936, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England), British director whose works are considered landmarks of social realism.. Loach studied law at St. Peter’s College, Oxford, but while there he became interested in acting. Loach’s breakthrough film, Kes, was released 50 years ago, and since then he has directed 26 further feature films, including I, Daniel Blake in 2016, and last year’s Sorry We Missed You. But Loach has just won a big victory, with the charity openly defending him. BAFTA Awards. British Independent Film Awards 2016. Ken LOACH Top of the page By continuing to navigate our website, you accept cookies being used and saved on your device, notably for promotional and/or advertising purposes, within the limits of our privacy protection policy. “It represents the underdog,” for which Loach … Avellino Neorealism Film Festival. Bodil Awards 2017. Right-wingers recently sought to smear award-winning film director Ken Loach in order to force a charity to disown him. Paul Laverty. Ken Loach. Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards. After graduating in 1957, he spent two years in the Royal Air Force and then began a career in the dramatic arts. Check all the awards won and nominated for by Ken Loach - Palme d'Or (2006) , British Independent Film Award – The Special Jury Prize (2006) , British Academy Television Fellowship Award (2006) and more awards… Rose said the Palm Dog has since expanded its scope with its “Dogmanitarian” prize, honouring among others the British social realist master Ken Loach, who has made three-legged dogs a fixture in his films.
Association of Polish Filmmakers Critics Awards. Nominee. Australian Film Critics Association Awards 2017. 2020.

Rebecca O'Brien. Outstanding British Film of the Year. BAFTA Film ... Amanda Awards, Norway 2017. Nominee. Winner.