His concept of acids and bases was another fundamental contribution. He taught at Harvard and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1907–12) and from 1912 was professor of physical chemistry and dean of the college of chemistry, Univ. (1960), Alfie (1966), Educating Rita (1983) and Shirley Valentine (1989), as well as three James Bond films: You Only Live Twice (1967), The Spy Who … Gilbert Newton Lewis (1875-1946) was an American physical chemist whose concept of electron pairs led to modern theories of chemical bonding. Lewis, Gilbert Newton, 1875–1946, American chemist, b. Weymouth, Mass., grad. Gilbert N. Lewis, in full Gilbert Newton Lewis, (born Oct. 23, 1875, Weymouth, Mass., U.S.—died March 23, 1946, Berkeley, Calif.), American physical chemist best known for his contributions to chemical thermodynamics, the electron-pair model of the covalent bond, the electronic theory of acids and bases, the separation and study of deuterium and its compounds, and his work on … Lewis Gilbert CBE (6 March 1920 – 23 February 2018) was a British film director, producer and screenwriter, who directed more than 40 films during six decades; among them such varied titles as Reach for the Sky (1956), Sink the Bismarck! of California. Harvard (B.A., 1896; Ph.D., 1899). Gilbert N. Lewis - Gilbert N. Lewis - Chemical bonding theory: A second important thread in Lewis’s research centred on his speculations on the role of the newly discovered electron in chemical bonding. Gilbert N. Lewis was born at Weymouth, Mass., on Oct. 23, 1875.