President Carter writes: "My mother's(Lillian Gordy, Carter), great grandfather Wilson Gordy was the first of his family to be born in Georgia in 1801. 40 ff.) He was known as the best carpenter of what would be Chattahoochee Co. Wilson Gordy is mentioned in President Jimmy Carter's book "A Remarkable Mother". Ancestry of President Carter Jimmy Carter is a Georgian with deep roots in his native state, being the seventh generation Carter to live in Georgia. Category:Lillian Carter. After the death of her husband, she left a life of being a homemaker and joined the Peace Corps to support public health in rural India. Lillian Carter was born 15 August 1898 in Richland, Stewart County, Georgia, United States to James Jackson Gordy (1853-1948) and Mary Ida Nicholson (1871-1951) and died 30 October 1983 inAmericus, Sumter County, Georgia, United States of unspecified causes. She married James Earl Carter (1894-1953) 27 September 1923 in Plains, Sumter County, Georgia, United States. Born 1898. The information detailed here is taken from an article in Georgia Life (Winter, 1976, pp. Raised in rural, southern Georgia, Lillian Gordy Carter was trained as a nurse and spent her life opposing the strict codes of segregation. Kindred Carter Kindred Carter (c. 1750-1800) came to Georgia… Research genealogy for Lillian A Carter of Boneville, McDuffie, Georgia, United States, as well as other members of the Carter family, on Ancestry®. Bessie Lillian Gordy Carter's bio. by Kenneth H. Thomas. Bessie Lillian Gordy married James Earl Carter and had 3 children. She passed away on 30 October 1983 in Americus, Sumter County, Georgia, USA. Memorialize Bessie Lillian's life with photos and stories about her and the Carter family history and genealogy. ... Lillian Gordy Carter ... Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter kissing, surrounded by family, including Amy and Lillian, at the Democratic National Convention, New York City.jpg 4,633 × 3,090; 7.12 MB. Lillian Carter, the 85-year-old mother of former President Jimmy Carter, died of cancer yesterday in Americus- Sumter County Hospital in Americus, Ga., … Her character drove many of the values behind her son Jimmy Carter's political campaigns and policies. Born in Richland, Stewart, Georgia on 15 AUG 1898 to James Jackson Gordy and Mary Ida Nicholson.