Directed by Jonathan Demme. Peter Falk, as Lt. Columbo, and his real-life bride, actress Shera Danese, playing a vivacious girl, join forces to incriminate a world-famous food critic - and homicide suspect - played by guest star Louis Jourdan.

Twenty five years later he looked almost the same on Columbo. This is the link to the show, he appears from minute 16:00, very relaxed and jovial. Louis Jourdan (born Louis Robert Gendre; 19 June 1921 – 14 February 2015) was a French film and television actor. What about How to Dial a Murder with Nicol Williamson? Last night, I put out an article titled “The Necessity of Perspective in Bad Movies.” Thanks primarily to reblogs, particularly those from Fuck Yeah, MST3K and Obscurus Lupa, it’s become by a substantial margin my most liked post. Columbo is dragged in the restaurants world, getting to eat a variety of complex dishes presented in an obviously old fashioned and mesmerizing way finally preparing a dinner for the murder in order to … in 1954.
With Peter Falk, Louis Jourdan, Shera Danese, Richard Dysart. Food critic Paul Gerard, who has been extorting money from restaurant owners in exchange for good reviews, murders one when threatened with exposure. No, wait! Louis Jourdan – died 14 February 2015 (age 93) Another of the killers we can really love to hate, French ace Jourdan was perfectly cast as scheming food critic Paul Gerard in 1978’s Murder Under Glass.. His coolly aloof attitude was in delightful contrast to the affable Lieutenant, so it’s little wonder the two were on a collision course from the start. Episode is 'Murder Under Glass' from 1978. Columbo confronts the killer, a food critic played by Louis Jourdan. He appeared on the show What’s My Line? It will take awhile for a review of the episode Murder Under Glass, so I’d like to put a link here, as you spoke about Louis Jourdan. He later directed 'Streets of Philadelphia' and won an Oscar for 'Silence of the Lambs'. Subversiveness and curiosity: what makes Columbo the greatest TV detective October 10, 2018 Written by crimefictionlover; Published ... Now You See Him with Jack Cassidy and Murder Under Glass with Louis Jourdan (the last occasion a villain was older than Falk). Louis Jourdan is Paul Gerard, a food critic who has been extorting money from restaurant owners in exchange for good reviews and he murders one of them when threatened with exposure. An interesting note - This TV episode was directed by a very young Jonathan Demme. Louis Jourdan in Columbo’s “Murder Under Glass” Before we begin, a minor note. ... Jourdan also appeared on television, including 1977's Count Dracula for the BBC and as a murderous chef in the 1978 Columbo episode "Murder Under Glass". Later career.