Firefighters rescued a man who fell 50 feet into a hole at a construction site in the Southeast Valley on Tuesday. A drywell is used to quickly transfer excess surface water deeper into the subsoil. “We got word from the landlord, who told us we had a man in the hole,” Roy said.

He jumped in after it. Septic tank, cesspool and drywell service, repair, maintenance and even construction need attention to safety, especially attention to safe septic tank covers. The victim’s name was not immediately released by D.C. police. A 67-year-old man is presumed dead after he fell into the Potomac River in Virginia Friday, authorities said.

It can be as simple a hole dug with a post hole digger and filled with gravel and sand, or as complex as a pre-cast concrete sleeve lowered into a large hole and fed by drainage pipes.

The rescuer then placed a harness around the fallen man, and the two were pulled out together. A Salcha man was fishing on the Tanana River near its confluence with the Chena River when his dog went into the river. ... Jason Foster, "Man Falls Into 6-Foot Septic Tank, ... 28 July 2004 1 The Herald, 2003 The dog

A man visiting Yellowstone National Park was killed after he stepped off a designated boardwalk, slipped and fell into a hot spring. GTA 5 Water ragdolls | SPIDERMAN Jumper/Falls Compilation (Euphoria physics Funny Moments) Thanks for watching! Man rescued after falling 50 feet into hole at construction site.