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Entertainer. Police concerns that media-hungry terrorists would attack Michael Jackson's trial as a "soft target" led to a request for federal help, according to FBI files kept on the late pop star. 19:13. Continue browsing in r/MichaelJackson. save hide report. 20/20 Michael Jackson's … 12 comments. Humanitarian. — Jermaine Jackson (@jermjackson5) March 4, 2019. Moonwalkers. No black musician, living or dead, has impacted black and white culture more than Michael Jackson. If you can’t see that Michael Jackson was a paedophile after watching @danreed1000 ‘s film you are being wilfully blind. Msflower5552 1,856,511 views. Michael Jackson &The Jackson 5 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1997 - Duration: 19:13. 165. r/MichaelJackson. Apple Heads.

Of the many Michael Jackson conspiracy theories out there, this one is absolutely the most believable. If he had never entered our lives, black music – black history – would not be the same. Michael Jackson loved to read and had an enormous collection of books as we all know, he also had many favorites, but as I said long ago, I think that The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway was at the top of his favorites. Join. share. Louis Theroux.

Original 1982 pressing of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 68. August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009 - ∞ 11.5k. The King of Pop. The Gloved One. Father. Michael Jackson.