When Vrabel benefitted from it, Belichick was furious, yelling at officials. Vrabel — like Belichick did in Week 7 — called for an intentional false start on the next play. After running off another 40 seconds of play clock. Mike Vrabel has done a solid job as head coach of the Tennessee Titans over the last couple of seasons and could be a fit for the Patriots job when Belichick eventually decides to step down. ... Browns coach Kevin Stefanski, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, and Titans coach Mike Vrabel… Jets (Belichick-isms) But before punting, the Titans took a delay-of-game penalty after burning 40 seconds of play clock. NFL: Bill Belichick rule loophole to be amended during offseason The loophole essentially allowed teams to manipulate the game clock by committing multiple dead-ball fouls while the clock was running. A week before Halloween, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick couldn’t contain his glee.

January 5, 2020 7:05 am ET. Bill Belichick coached Mike Vrabel on the Patriots from 2001-2008.

Bill Belichick, Mike McCarthy are co-favorites for coach of the year. The ‘Belichick’ delay of game loophole is no more.
Share this article 360k shares share tweet text email link Henry McKenna. Speaking with Mike Vrabel in Nashville prior to Saturday night’s preseason game, he acknowledged it’s different playing against a team with Bill Belichick staring daggers from across the way. Twitter. Mike Vrabel uses Bill Belichick's own NFL rulebook loophole against him in Titans win over Patriots The Patriots coach is always one step ahead of the rest of us except for Saturday night Reddit. Mike Vrabel used the penalty trick against the New England Patriots on Saturday night and left Bill Belichick furious. Getty Image. Mike Vrabel exploited what Bill Belichick once called a loophole, and Belichick was furious. FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick smirked a bit as he remembered old conversations with Mike Vrabel. Belichick used the loophole in a Week 3 blowout over the New York Jets, and he smirked devilishly on the sideline. Belichick cheerfully used … Bill Belichick had two very different experiences with a certain NFL loophole in the 2019 season. FlipBoard. Bill Belichick had no problem dishing it out, but he can’t seem to take it. The NFL Closes Rulebook Loophole Made Famous By Bill Belichick Months After Mike Vrabel Used It Against The Pats In The Playoffs by Jorge Alonso 18 mins ago Facebook. Asked if Vrabel ever spoke about his desires to coach following his playing career, Belichick responded in such a way that made it seem as though Vrabel may have done more than ask about coaching down the line. The NFL is reportedly going to shut it down.

Belichick — like Gase did in Week 7 — declined the penalty.

Bill Belichick found a rule loophule, and then Mike Vrabel used it against him. Mike Vrabel will be looking to beat his mentor Bill Belichick in Saturday’s playoff game. Vrabel decided to punt. Mike Vrabel used Bill Belichick’s own rules loophole against him to beat the Patriots New, 25 comments Mike Vrabel took a page out of Bill Belichick’s book to beat the Patriots. NFL looks to fix Bill Belichick clock ‘loophole’ that Mike Vrabel used against him in playoff game Patriots’ Bill Belichick explains rules ‘loophole’ he exploited vs.