I mean, it makes sense.

... Riverdale wants to discuss “the sins of one generation being passed down to the ... Mr. DuPont … Jughead successfully transfers back to Riverdale High, and comes home to find F.P. 12.
Warning: This article contains information about suicide, which some may find triggering. "Riverdale" Finally Solves Season 4's Main Mystery. and Forsythe repairing their relationship. When Dupont interupts, Jughead shuts him up when he quotes The Lord of the Flies, saying “I have the conch.” Betty and Jughead recount Mr. Dupont’s legal theft of The Baxter Brothers from Jughead’s grandpa by Mr. Dupont, the discovery of which led to Chipping’s suicide. Mr. DuPont and Bret may think Mr. Chipping’s death is a closed case, but Jughead and Betty are far from convinced. For years, he manipulated students and teachers to commit murders in exchange for the multimillion-dollar Baxter Brothers writing contract. Mr. Honey threatened to cancel prom, so the gang gets him run out of Riverdale, but not before Jughead wrote a creepy story fantasizing about murdering the guy.

And rightfully so: everything about how Mr. Chipping died is suspicious. It turns out that Jughead’s grandfather and Donna’s grandmother were both victims of Mr. Dupont’s plots. The mystery of those folks, and Jughead’s grandfather, and Mr. DuPont and all that.
After Jughead confesses to his teacher that he believes his father was the writer of the hit mystery novel instead of Mr. Dupont, his teacher promises to … Spoilers ahead for Riverdale Season 4, Episode 7. Is each season of Riverdale a new Baxter Brothers novel? Jughead finishes reading his entry, The Case of the Boy in the River.Wait a second, that’s Riverdale season 1! 135.

The Baxter Brothers writing contest has reached its culmination! Riverdale hit another level on Wednesday with teachers jumping out of windows and secret relationships revealed. Mr. Dupont and Mr. Chipping were involved and seemingly so are Donna and Bret. ... Later, the class learned that Mr. Dupont … Mr. Dupont is impressed, even calling it outstanding and naming Jugs the new ghostwriter of The Baxter Brothers.

It turns out that after Jughead won the contract to write the Baxter Brothers mystery, Mr. DuPont, author of the Baxter Brothers franchise, stated that … When Chipping did that, the Stonewall students looked on blankly. They call out Mr. Dupont as the real mastermind behind Stonewall’s bizarre history. This is the least shocking thing to ever happen on Riverdale.