Anger, sadness and fear are part of everyone’s life. Emotions are self-perpetuating.
Myth: "Emotions are stupid and useless." Opposing view: Emotions are the fastest way to discover what our attitude is... 3. Once an emotions starts, it keeps restarting itself. Step One: Myths About Emotions 1.

They just are. Myth: "I should never let others know how I feel because they will think I am weak." There is a theory about emotions: There are only a few basic emotions: anger, sorrow, joy, surprise, fear, disgust, guilt/shame, interest.

All of the others are learned, and are usually some combination of the basic emotions. We are so much more than our emotions It’s not uncommon to feel more than one emotion at once If you are basing your identity on your emotions, it will be hard to have a … Emotions are not right or wrong, good or bad, smart or stupid. Emotions come and go, like waves. When you familiarize yourself with this technique, you will be able to apply it next time you feel like you are burdened by an avalanche of overwhelming emotions … My emotions come from the things in my life that happen to me. Marsha Linehan, the founder of DBT, developed a 6-step technique that will help you look more closely at the way your emotions spiral out of control. Opposing view: Just because I... 2.