Transcript Fellow Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives: Many important subjects will claim your attention during the present session, of which I shall endeavor to give, in aid of your deliberations, a just idea in this communication. LinkedIn 0. Not only did the speech affect the war and Nixon presidency but also it promoted a political opportunity in the Republican Party to amass a New Majority and promote conservative policies. Richard M. Nixon introduced a phrase-“silent majority”-and a policy-Vietnamization of the war effort-that echo down to the present day.

The test of the Nixon doctrine is in Vietnam, where the President expresses cautious optimism about his program of Vietnamization. This book cites Roger Mudd of CBS News as an example of someone who disliked the speech. Text of President Richard Nixon’s Address to the Nation about the Watergate tapes. AU - Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs. After leaving Harvard, he worked first for David Eisenhower, then for former President Richard Nixon, as a researcher and writer in San Clemente, California and New York. President Nixon taking notes and studying briefing materials aboard Air Force One en route to his historic trip to China in 1972. The Fourth Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate. QUINCY HOWE, MODERATOR: I am Quincy Howe of CB- of ABC News saying good evening from New York where the two major candidates for president of the United States are about to engage in their fourth radio-television discussion of the present campaign.

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Nixon laid out a plan for the end of the war through the process of diplomatic negotiation and Vietnamization. The Checkers speech or Fund speech was an address made on September 23, 1952, by California Senator Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States. October 21, 1960. 04/29/2018 06:57 AM EDT. Nixon had been accused of improprieties relating to a fund established by …

Facebook 0. Transcript of President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address (1961) Vice President Johnson, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, President Truman, Reverend Clergy, fellow citizens: We observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom--symbolizing an end as well as a beginning--signifying renewal as well as change. Good evening: I want to talk to you tonight from my heart on a subject of deep concern to every American. Use the "Filter" button to select a particular president and find the speech you want Mudd noted that Nixon re-framed his resignation speech to accent his accomplishments rather than to apologize for the Watergate scandal. One day after the Apollo 11 splashdown in the South […]

Today the impulse towards interdependence is immeasurably greater. Nixon delivered an address to the nation now referred to as "The Silent Majority Speech" on November 3, 1969. By ANDREW GLASS. President Nixon used his third address to the nation on Watergate to release edited transcripts of the White House tapes. Let me briefly explain what has been described as the "Nixon Doctrine" -- a policy which not only will help end the war in Vietnam but which is an essential element of our program to prevent future Vietnams. At the close of the speech, he requested the support of … Apr 29, 1974. But if the facade of Viet namization should crack because of … (Richard Nixon Presidential Library) Experts Evaluate President Nixon’s Foreign Policy Philosophy and Strategy This summer marks the 50th Anniversary of the Nixon Doctrine.