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While Poiret is famous for his Asian and Middle Eastern inspired designs, aesthetics from these regions became incredible popular during the 1910s in fashion and the arts. Mar 23, 2014 - Paul Poiret's 'Arabian Nights' party, 1911. Poiret’s One Thousand and Second Night Ball (inspired by the 1001 Arabian Nights stories) was a place to show off his collections, and harem pants along with hobble skirts and lampshade tunics, were the most desired styles of the time. Poiret intended the event as a launch for his brand of perfumes under the “Rosine” label, named after his eldest daughter.
Paul Poiret was one of the first couturiers to actively utilize publicity as a marketing tool on a large scale and one of his most notable efforts was the 1002 Nights or Persian Celebration that he staged on June 24, 1911. Mar 23, 2014 - Paul Poiret's 'Arabian Nights' party, 1911.

its made from different kind of fabrics, it is still in good condition however there is some wear on front but thats understandable considering its age. 24 June 1911.

Just over one hundred years ago, on a mild summer's evening, Paul Poiret hosted the most creative and most extraordinary fancy dress party of the XXth century in the gardens of his Parisian hotel at 107, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and 26, avenue d'Antin (the current Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt). Paul Poiret was the first couturier to release his own fragrance, "Rosin". ... 1908 Edwardian Fashion Digital Print Les robes de Paul Iribe Poiret Paris Download Downton Abbey Stationary Cards Belle Époque Printable Art LaOohLaLaBoutique 5 out of 5 stars (247) $ 4.95. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Designer Paul Poiret was a master of many firsts - now The Costume Institute will pay homage to his spectacular designs, writes Hilary Alexander ... the Wiener Werkstatte and the fantasy of 1001 Nights, all themes which informed his highly individual and theatrical approach to design. "1001 Nights" impressed the artist, and Poiret gave the world in 1911 an Oriental collection of "1002 Night". KING OF FASHION: PAUL POIRET two video installations inside the exhibition display animations showing the radical modernity connected with Poiret's dress creating strategies.. ... Orientalism, furthermore as the 1001 Nights. Orientalism became fashionable and spread widely around the world. Bridget found this lovely rare antique turban hat (poiret styled) It was used in a Parisian theater, this headdress came from a theaters stockroom. In June 1910 the Ballet Russes premiered Scheherazade, based on "1001 Nights," which was a smashing success. Stay safe and healthy. The biography gives a good feel for Poiret's personality and has some recollections of important artistic people he dealt with and a good write up of the famous 1001 nights fete he held. One of Poiret’s 1002nd Night Inspired Garments, Source

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