Ripped definition, drunk; intoxicated. When people or person makes fun of another person, more as a term of endearment, in front of other people. Ripped it A phrase meaning you've taken a joke too far or carried the joke on too long.

Refers to the act of being fucked beyond belief. (a) Slang Having an exceptionally defined body; nicely toned: ripped, bulging muscles. This phenomenon occurs with the use of marijuana, but is also related to other controlled and illegal substances. Well defined muscles. by donald_wellington May 30, 2017 Guy 1: fuck it, let's just get ripped Guy 2: word.

Guy 2: but we have class in 15 minutes, bruh. (a) Torn, either partly or into split pieces. Man, that double-barrel bong and blunt we just smoked has me fully e-ripped ! CAN YOU FEEL THE WEAL WITH THIS WORD OF THE DAY QUIZ?

Correction being ripped doesnt have to mean alot of muscle, you can have a little muscle but have VERY low bodyfat, making your muscles look super defined.
It is often used if someone repeats a joke immediately after someone else has said it in an attempt to be funny. I am so ripped. the state of being retarted high. See more. (v) Easy past tense and past participle of rip. Guy 1: dude I'm really craving a fat blunt of dank right now. Get the Ripped on neck gaiter and mug. To get ripped on: to be made fun of, or nagged. A whole other level up from being just " ripped ". The act of and/or decision to smoke pot. (a) Slang Intoxicated by alcoholic beverages or a drug. Generally used in Scotland. (additional words are …