River Phoenix was pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre at 1:51am, he was 23. 125 The Lord let River Phoenix's body be taken that his spirit might be saved.—1Cor.5:5. The incident was a high-profile celebrity death, with Phoenix's recorded 911 call released to the media and played repeatedly on news reports covering the story over the following weeks. Arlyn (later changed to Heart) and John . Source: Persecution Jewels--No.10 — By David Berg; ML#2907 DO; 1993-12. Wiki User 2010-08-28 16:08:45. They stole him from the Lord & they lost him. 11 River Phoenix's parents led him astray. They stole him from the Lord, so the Lord took him back. Asked in Joaquin Phoenix Who is the brother of joaquin Phoenix? Phoenix immediately returned to his home in Florida with his sister and mother (who had flown out to collect him). I'm sure they're thinking about it, especially if our folks contact them. Related Questions. Who are river phoenix's parents?