The blacks with dark complexion consider the ones with lighter complexion as … Watching School Daze in 2020 feels visceral when terms like colorism and intersectionality are instead framed through clumsier colloquialisms like “Wannabes” and “Jigaboos”. School Daze is one of the few films to address colorism head-on, and depicts the various ways black men respond to black women depending on … Colorism is a term defined as the discrimination and prejudice of people of darker skin amongst their own racial group. In the Spike Lee Joint, School Daze, Spike Lee explores the effect of colorism on the black community, specifically how it affects young black women. How Colorism affects Unity in Spike Lee’s School Daze The idea of Colorism refers to the notion that black people with lighter skin-tone are superior to the blacks with darker complexion. Atlanta Journal-Constitution Recommended for you VIDEO: Spike Lee talks about "School Daze" ahead of the film's 30th anniversary - Duration: 48:00. The Gamma's break up the Protest. Other than a few fashion and word choices, this film doesn’t feel dated either. Colorism and the Enduring Power of School Daze 11 Monday Mar 2013 Posted by decollins1969 in 1 , Academia , Boy @ The Window , culture , Eclectic , Jimme , Mount Vernon High School , Mount Vernon New York , Movies , My Father , Politics , Pop Culture , race , Youth