Patrick Sean Payton (born December 29, 1963) is the head coach of the New Orleans Saints.He coached them from 2006-2011, and from 2013 to the present. J. D. Roberts has the lowest winning percentage (.219) and fewest wins (seven) for a full-time coach.
Sean's team was tough, the games were a bit of a media circus. Sean Payton Head Coach Since he was hired as head coach of the New Orleans Saints in 2006, Sean Payton has established himself as one of the most successful coaches in the NFL. He would have continued to coach them if not for the 1-year suspension thrown on him by NFL commisioner Roger Goodell as a result of what was widely dubbed "Bountygate."

Watch Queue Queue Payton has the highest winning percentage while coaching the Saints, with .615, and his 118 wins are the most in franchise history. The championship games in every age group were usually between the "A" teams from TCR and NW. Watch Queue Queue. Sean Payton has coached the most games for the Saints, with 192. This video is unavailable.