Ask Cortana What She Knows. Siri will tune you in to your selected station or make a new one per your request. Watch our funny things to ask Alexa video Sing me a song of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass be I?

Tell me a joke. Sing me a lullaby/Sing me a song. Guess what?

Can you travel through time? ), but you can forgive me for having me … Tell me a story. Alexa, drumroll please? Merry of soul she sailed on a day Over the sea to Skye.

What is the meaning of life?

100+ funny things to ask Alexa.
Do not be deceived by Alexa’s serious appearance, Amazon’s voice assistant has its funny side too, and the Echo is blessed with lots of secret features and hilarious things to ask.Yes, Alexa is still a message-delivering, song-playing, question-replying robot, but just go ahead and ask the right questions and its real colors will be revealed.

Alexa, sing me a song.

Say These 8 Words to Siri, and She Will Break Out Into Song. Open the pod bay doors. What do you think of Google? "Create a radio station for The Beatles." "Play NPR radio." Alexa, do you know Siri? Where's Clippy? Today a new one is being passed around the web: Tell Siri: "I see a little silhouetto of a man."

Do you like Google Now? Activate Siri by holding down your Power or Side button, or just say "Hey Siri". Prefer video? Where do babies come from? Just like Siri for apple products, you can say “tell me a story” “sing me a song” and “tell me a joke” though for the me a story she only says “Once there was a beginning, then these was a middle. Use the Force. Alexa, will you tell me a joke?

What is love? Sing me a song of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass be I?

Since her launch, Siri has had a ton of jokes hid up her virtual assistant sleeve. Hello HAL. "Play Beats 1."

Famous References. Beam me up Scotty. You are a Jedi; Open the door to the Hal capsule chamber. 1.

Billow and breeze, islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good, all that was fair All that was me is gone. Siri can make use of the Shazam engine to identify songs it hears, which is pretty useful–especially if you’re using Siri hands-free..

Sing me a song. What does the Fox say? Unfortunately, you can’t just ask Siri to show you a list of a songs you’ve identified. Ask Siri to play a radio station or create a new one for you.

Open your mind, ask what you want and I'll give you the answer as fast as you can.

Step 1: You can just ask her directly: “Siri sing a song for me” Step 2: She might refuse for the first one or two times, but if you keep on insisting her to sing a song for you, then it will go in two ways. Take me to your leader.

3. The end” But the other two she circulates through different choices.

The translation provided by the channel reads: "Cortana is my name and I am here, and my only aim is to help you. Merry of soul she sailed on a day Sam Benson Smith. Like Siri, Cortana Can Crack Jokes, If You Ask The Right Questions ... you can even ask Cortana to sing you a song. “Hey Siri, Please sing me a song” And, I was surprised to see her basic knowledge of music mathematics( I am sure many of you won’t agree of logic in art! 4. What do you think of Windows 10?