Heather Riggs (Robyn Rikoon) is a villainess from "Undercover Blue," episode 14.17 of Law& Order: SVU (airdate March 20, 2013). by JessicaR Rated: MA • 78 Reviews Summary: In attempts to solve a difficult case, Elliot and Olivia agree to go undercover in a particularly risky operation. Ice-T (Detective Fin Tutuola) announced on Twitter that filming on the fifteenth season commenced on July 24, 2013. Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) It's been 13 years since Olivia first hooked up with her NYPD colleague way back in Season 1, during what she called a … Ice-T announced on Twitter that filming on the fourteenth season began on Monday, July 23, 2012. Production. Slide 6 of 10 Detective Brian Cassidy. With Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino, Kelli Giddish, Richard Belzer. When Cassidy's lawyer questions him, Amaro is forced to reveal that he had a romantic relationship with the sister of a drug lord he was investigating undercover. Witnesses confirm they were in a room together for two hours.

... while speed-dating undercover. Ranking The People Olivia Benson From "SVU" Has Dated. Heather's backstory revealed that she met Brian Cassidy while he was working undercover, posing as Rick, the bodyguard for Andre Larouche (Heather's pimp). It’s a nice pairing which pleases on many levels. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TV14 • Drama, Crime, Legal, Mystery, Thriller • TV Series • 1998 This hard-hitting and emotional series from NBC's "Law & Order" brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department, an elite squad of detectives who investigate sexually based crimes. 21 March, 2013 by Allison Leotta 11 Comments. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was renewed for a fourteenth season on May 9, 2012. ... Heather testifies that four years ago, she was a dog-collar-wearing “sex slave,” and her pimp had her service Cassidy when Cassidy was doing undercover work. A former prostitute accuses Detective Cassidy of rape from his undercover days, and his defense opens up a can of worms for Detective Amaro. Production. Prior to the season fourteen renewal, cast members Ice-T (Detective Fin Tutuola) and Mariska Hargitay (Detective Olivia Benson) had already renewed their contracts through the fourteenth season. Law & Order SVU “Undercover Blue” was overflowing with deliciousness. Directed by Michael Smith. Trust will be tested, and boundaries crossed, reopening some painful wounds. She is a former prostitute who works as a pole dancing instructor.

Finally, Olivia’s boy toy has been revealed, and it’s none other than Detective – now Officer – Brian Cassidy. Sergeant John Munch ( Richard Belzer ) then informs him that the NYPD brass is requesting he take a paternity test because the woman is claiming he has a son from the relationship. Detective Brian Cassidy left SVU smack dab in the middle of Season 1 and surprised fans everywhere when he returned in Season 13 after a long and intense stint undercover.Over the course of the next few years, diehard fans remained divided over Cassidy’s presence, as he and Benson entered into a serious relationship after having a one-night … Cast-member Mariska Hargitay (Detective Olivia Benson) revealed on May 25, 2013, that her contract had been renewed for the upcoming season. SVU Episode #14-17: Undercover Blue. Andre ordered Rick to "break in" Heather- … Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was renewed for a fifteenth season on April 26, 2013, which consists of 24 episodes.