Aug 04, 2017 share to facebook share to facebook. The internet was a blaze yesterday with the Ta Ta towel and for one simple reason: boob sweat is real. I love it and bought one for my friend, too.
Crochet Towel Toppers make great quick projects and they are super practical too!

Share 41. But I was very wrong! The Complete List of Ta Ta Towel Patterns And Colors! Only beefs: pay attention to the site warning about the halter neck hurting a little. It's a sort of terrycloth, too, so no sweat. I am not entirely sure why they need a towel of their own but they do and million of internet uses think so too. I recently discovered that crocheted tea towels actually do work really well at absorbing water! I have used crocheted dishcloths many times but I’ve never thought to try a crocheted dishtowel before. You're entire body is sweating and the area under the boob is basically dripping … Pin 351. Well you can grab the Bra towel pattern here. The tata towel gets right in between there with the SOFTEST fabric I've ever felt! Most of these patterns include either a photo or video tutorial. They did warn me, so I wasn't mad. I am forever reaching down to pick up my tea-towels which magically slide off the stove and dishwasher handles every time I walk by!I hope this collection of free and easy crochet towel topper patterns is helpful! Look sexy and be comfortable with Ta-Ta Towels. Luckily, since there has been boob sweat to bug people, there have been hacks to make it go away. Shop Patterns Home › Collections › Shop Patterns ... Ta-Ta Towels are perfect for nursing/breastfeeding, combating boob sweat or just lounging around. Courtesy Ta-Ta Towels Facebook. It is a towel just for your Boobies. The Ta Ta Towel has been going crazy all over the internet. Email. Laura Wagner. 10 Free Crochet Tea Towel Patterns. Have you ever tried to get ready in a hot bathroom on a humid summer day? Let me tell you firstly what it is. I always thought they wouldn’t work very well for some reason. Erin Richardson invented the "ta-ta towel" which is a custom made, elastic and adjustable towel to absorb sweat from your chest if you are a woman with large breasts! Share. 392 Shares. The overlapping skin has been problematic between sweat, chafing, etc. So of course someone HAD to make a crochet version right? Tweet. Ta Ta Towel.